Desiree Tavera

From startup launches to nonprofit fundraisers, large-scale immersive art installations, networking events and speaking engagements- Desiree's breadth and range of events produced is vast. She collaborates with nonprofits and social impact organizations that further sustainability goals, support smart public policy, ocean conservation and disaster relief efforts.


Dr. Nathan Walworth

Dr. Nathan Walworth (PhD) is a climate scientist and futurist whose work lies at the intersection of global change, exponential technologies, behavioral change, evolutionary genomics, epigenomics, and the earth microbiome. Much of his technical work has examined the future evolution of earth and marine microbiomes including the oldest genetic lineage to first oxygenate the planet billions of years ago, cyanobacteria. His research has taken him from the Tropics to Antarctica with positions at various international institutions including the J. Craig Venter Institute (The first human genome), Lund University (Sweden), and the University of Southern California (Los Angeles), among others. His current technical projects involve machine learning techniques for modeling evolution within changing earth systems at the University of Southern California in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh and the University of Technology, Sydney through funding by the Simons Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.  

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Dr. Adam Schlenger

Dr. Adam Schlenger (PhD) is a marine ecologist who studies ecosystem resiliency to climate change. His research aims to bridge the gap between science, economics, and policy to create global environmental solutions. By linking the structure and function of ecosystems to economic drivers, Adam's work identifies the major feedbacks between human and natural systems to quantify ecosystem services and improve the conservation and management of natural resources. 


Ryan Kushner

Ryan is a geek for startup accelerators, climate change, cleantech, carbontech and oceantech, and am the author of “Accelerate This! A Super Not Boring Guide To Startup Accelerators And Clean Energy Entrepreneurship”. He leverages his accelerator experience and research to help design and run programs all over the world. Accelerators are his trimtab to help create a world that works for 100% of life in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation (language borrowed from Buckminster Fuller’s World Game).



Nathan's background in event production, project management, and large-scale art installation lead him to, and emerged from his love of makerspaces and the potential of the maker movement. An autodidact and jack of all trades, world traveler, Burner and tinkerer, he believes in the power of human imagination and cooperation, working with head, heart and hands, to make the world a better place.