"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." 
- Henry Ford



Our mission is to accelerate coordinated ocean initiative globally, in a holistic effort to regenerate the ocean.

Our Vision

‘OceanTech’ is a nuanced and expanding industry, which consists of a wide variety of emerging markets in sustainable resource use, data collection, bio-fabricated materials, and environmental conservation. The fast growing nature and startup-style of this cross-market vertical opens up new opportunities for accelerating impact-oriented marine technologies and organizations. 


our approach

Our unique approach focuses on the opportunity to leapfrog technology in emerging markets that are experiencing societal tipping points largely due to rapid population expansion.

For Participants

We welcome applications from startups and developed teams on a rolling basis. Our annual OceanSOS Summit serves as a Demo Day and satellite events help us reach out to innovative ocean regenerative companies around the world.

For Partners

OTA is comprised of academics, entrepreneurs, financial experts and international development leaders. We are always looking for partners to help coach participants and accelerate ocean regeneration through technology, in their particular area of expertise.