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A celebration of art, music, food and ideas.

The Ocean SOS team is heading to Thailand to build out an interactive ocean conservation pavilion at Asia's first carbon-neutral, zero-plastic festival, Wonderfruit!  

We are ecstatic to bring together skilled makers from around the world, to collaborate on diverse creations made from waste. As shown by behavioral science, creating visceral and immersive experiences are the most effective mechanism for systems change and action. Here, we will interactively create and demonstrate methods to transform waste into opportunity to incite community-powered initiatives into one of the largest problems on the planet

Joining us in Pattaya and producing this project:.

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Developing Coastal Communities
5:00 PM17:00

Developing Coastal Communities

  • 2 Grove Isle Drive Miami, FL, 33133 United States (map)
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With hurricane season rapidly approaching, Ocean SOS aims to bring together some of the foremost experts in coastal regeneration to discuss possible ways to address shoreline degradation and its impact on coastal communities. 


1 // Mark Schrope - Director of Schmidt Marine Technology Partners

2 // Dan Suman - Professor in the Department of Marine Ecosystems and Society at University of Miami

3 // Blayne Ross - CEO of Shorelock

4 // Anitra Thornhaug  

5 // Eric Matzner - Director of Geoengineering at Climatigation

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Ocean Tech Summit 2018 in Indonesia
to Apr 8

Ocean Tech Summit 2018 in Indonesia

Ocean SOS is a uniquely designed summit integrating both local and international officials, funders, innovators, academics, and other stakeholders to create a global network among regenerative ocean initiatives with a focus on bridging next-gen approaches in technology, decentralization, community governance, blended funding, and cultural integration.


1 // The Nature Conservancy

2 // Tom Chi (Google X)

3 // XPrize

4 // Coral Triangle Initiative

5 // Biorock

6 // Global Fishing Watch

7 // Shorelock

8 // Conservation X Labs

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